The campsite «Terrain de l’Amitié» is situated on the premises of «Relais de l’Amitié». It can be booked together with the “Relais de l’Amitié” hostel or separately.

  • The campsite measures 6000 square metres and can host up to 120 people;
  • Chalet with small sitting-room, fireplace, 2 fridges, tables, benches, chaires, cupboard;
  • Facilities: 3 toilets, 6 shower-cabins, lots of wash-basins inside, hot water;
  • Campfire area -flagpole – folding tables and benches on request;
  • Wood for constructions;
  • Wood for campfires and cooking on request against payment.

The « Relais de l’Amitié » and the campsite « Terrain de l’Amitié » belong to “Lëtzebuerger Guiden a Scouten asbl”, founded January 29th 2001 and are managed by the committee Bilsdorf, voluntary members from « Lëtzebuerger Guiden a Scouten » (Guides and Scouts from Luxembourg)